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updated on Aug 05, 2021
R 1 700 000

WEB REF: 527833

Property Summary
  • Selling Price R 1 700 000
  • Property Type Farm
  • Erf Size 20500 ha
  • Floor Size 600 m2
  • Monthly Levy R 4500

  • Baths 1

SIZE: 20 500 hectares NAME OF RESERVE: Limpopo Lipadi (LL) LOCATION: Situated in the eastern part of the Tuli Block region of Eastern Botswana. Limpopo Lipadi is within easy reach from the Johannesburg area (450km) by road or air transport NEAREST BORDER POST: Zanzibar (1km) and Platjan (40km) Groblersbridge (90km) NEAREST TOWN: Selebi Phikwe is ±90km from the farm and facilities of this town includes: Banks Hotels Big Shops ACCESS: Gain access by normal vehicle, but due to the terrain in certain areas, a pickup truck is preferred alternatively a 4x4. The property does have an airstrip - this airstrip has been assessed and has received international certification. OWNERSHIP: Limpopo-Lipadi shareholders collectively own shares in this Botswana public company (LLBI) that purchased nearly 17,000 hectares of freehold, full title land in 2006 with traversing rights over an additional 3,500 hectares. All 20,500 hectares are within a common fence and are part of the Limpopo-Lipadi Game and Wilderness Reserve Association, members of which are bound together by a common agreement and vision for wildlife conservation SHARES: This is not time-share!! A limited number of shares are for sale - this is to keep the footprint as low as possible and makes your lifestyle investment enjoyable, safe and secure!! There are 3 types of shares that are for sale: Gold Share - Owners of one share (Gold status) have the use of the communal shareholder game lodges, the reserve and all other communal facilities. This is NOT time-share and there is no limit on time spent in the Reserve, which is subject only to availability and Botswana tourism visa requirements. During their stay on the Reserve Gold shareholders have exclusive use of one of seven two or three bedroom lodges at River Camp (a total of 34 beds) plus shared use of the communal central area with a swimming pool, bar, dining area and free WiFi. Privileges for Gold Share members: They also have use of a game-drive vehicle, with or without a guide (self-drive requires the passing of a basic driving and bush skills course). Private vehicles may not be used for game drives. Meals and beverages are either self-catered or fully catered by prior arrangement. Lodges are cleaned and maintained by full time staff. Gold shareholders pay low daily fees for the services described above, and an annual levy. Gold shareholders with two shares may purchase their own game viewer vehicle which can be left at the Reserve. Platinum Share - Owners of three shares (Platinum status) also have the use of the shareholder game lodges, the Reserve and all other communal facilities but their shares entitle them build a per-design lodge (a private unit) on a private leased area in a designated Platinum camp which consists of a lounge / dining area, patio, kitchen plus two or three bedrooms. Staffing and other services are purchased from Limpopo Lipadi. Privileges for Platinum Share members: Platinum site holders have the right to their own private game-viewing vehicle, with or without a guide (self-drive requires the passing of a basic driving and bush skills course). Private vehicles may not be used for game drives. Meals and beverages are either self-catered or fully catered by prior arrangement. Lodges are cleaned and maintained by full time staff. Platinum shareholders pay low daily fees for the services described above, and an annual levy. Diamond Share - Owners of five shares (Diamond status) have all of the benefits the Gold and Platinum Share holders have in terms of having access to the the Reserves’ communal facilities, plus they have the advantages and wide choices of building their own exclusive and luxury Lodge and use it as they want. When private lodges are not being used by their owners, there is an option to hire these to third parties through a rental pool, arrangement. Privileges for Diamond Share members: Diamond site owners also have the right to their own private game-viewing vehicle and may hire their own staff. They can design and build their your own Lodge subject to the architectural guidelines adopted by Limpopo Lipadi. Private sites have proven to be somewhat more attractive than individual Gold shares. This may be partly due to the fact of increased sense of ownership gained from owning a property right versus a visiting right. Most private sites have been sold either to individuals or small groups forming a syndicate each sharing the lodge for a few months each year. It also helps reducing the cost of levies and maintenance. The cost of building a private lodge starts from $450,000 - $550,000 for a 4-bedroom lodge. Shareholder Benefits Each Gold share allows the nominated user to book up to two weeks at a time, but as soon as this booking has elapsed another may be made immediately subject to availability. Combined with the fairly low lodge occupancy this effectively means that the shareholder can visit as often as he or she likes. Each Gold share also allows the investor to bring up to five adult guests at a time to the Reserve. Children may also come to the Reserve (maximum number will depend on the accommodation booked). Private Platinum and Diamond Lodges that are in the Rental Pool may also be booked subject to availability Whilst on the Reserve the visitor can enjoy at any time of day or night game drives or bush walks with LL’s friendly and knowledgeable guides, and can make use of any of the viewing hides (currently six in operation) or picnic spots along the riverbank (equipped with braais). The shareholder may choose to undertake the shareholder courses in first aid and 4x4 driving to qualify to self-drive on the Reserve, taking charge of one of the specially adapted, open Toyota Land Cruisers and guiding friends and family to some incredible wildlife encounters in the bush. There are also a number of additional special activities available during a stay including Rhino tracking on foot and cultural tours of the local villages (run in conjunction with LL’s social responsibility project). Furthermore there are occasional opportunities to get involved with other activities and projects related to the operation of the Reserve during a stay. This could include game captures and releases, waterhole development, bush clearance, game counts, rhino de-horning and more. LEVIES AND COSTS: Levies and charges apply in order to cover the game reserve and lodge operating costs. As we increase the shareholder base, the fixed costs of the reserve levies will decrease. In addition the development of new revenue sources through low impact commercial income will also help offset these costs. The prices below is subject to change as they are set annually at a shareholder annual general meetings. A summary of costs applicable to shareholders at the moment: 1. Operational Levy for all shareholders is about $5000 per share per year (i.e. ±$400 per month), covering operational costs pertaining to the Reserve maintenance and running costs. Diamond shareholders only pay a minimum of 3 levies if they appoint 3 (Specified Beneficial Users), SBU’s, 4 levies if they appoint 4 SBU’s and 5 levies if they appoint 5 SBU’s for their equivalent 5 Gold shares for their equivalent 5 Gold shares. An SBU is allocated user rights to the Reserve by the holder of an ordinary share. SBU’s may be changed at anytime. 2. Lodge usage fee (only pertaining to shareholders and their guests visiting shareholder lodges). This currently stands at around $55-$60 per bedroom per night (sleeping 2 adults and 2 kids under 12) and covers the operational cost of the lodges. These charges include housekeeping and general maintenance of your lodge, clean linen and towels, fully equipped kitchen and cutlery. Firewood, chef services and guide services, and use of the communal vehicles are an additional charge. This usage fee does not pertain to Diamond site holders who are responsible for their own lodge furniture and maintenance. Cleaning services are available on request for Diamond members at an extra charge. All visitors to the reserve are covered by medical evacuation insurance and pay the Botswana tourism levy, both included in the bedroom charge. 3. Usage Fee - During a visit each shareholder has access to a game drive vehicle at the reserve, including a Ranger, only paying for fuel and maintenance costs at the AA rate of BWP 12 per km (US$ 1.2 per km). This rate is split between shareholders sharing the vehicle. Shareholders who have successfully completed our 4x4 and game reserve orientation and first aid courses can self-drive their own family and friends on the reserve. Diamond shareholders can obviously just refuel their own vehicle (US$1 per litre in Botswana). 4. Pre-orders - Each lodge is equipped for self-catering and groceries can either be ordered in advance at a minimum fee to cover travel to the nearby towns or brought in from South Africa on the way to Limpopo-Lipadi. Private chefs are available to cook at a low nominal price. 5. Extras - Other extra services include free Internet access, laundry services and provision of firewood. Some of the optional activities, e.g. wild dog tracking, attract a surcharge to those taking part to help us fund our nature conservation projects. ABOUT THE RESERVE: Limpopo lipadi is a private game reserve on the bank of the Limpopo River in the Tuli Block of south-eastern Botswana – a malaria-free area. At 20 500 hectares (205 km²) and with 14km of Limpopo River frontage, the Reserve is large enough to sustain good populations of lions, leopards, wild dogs, brown and spotted hyenas, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, bush pigs, hippos, crocodiles, many antelope species and smaller mammals such as aardvarks, African wild cats, civets and honey badgers. Birdlife is varied and prolific. The Reserve enjoys various habitat types and magnificent views from the rocky hills that dot the landscape. There are many shady spots under the huge trees along the forested Limpopo River bank for bird watching, fishing, bush meals and just chilling out. You can also enjoy game viewing from hides and waterholes spaced around the reserve. The owners view the reserve as a “home away from home” in the African bush and some many weeks at the reserve per year, often with friends and relatives as guests. Limpopo Lipadi is well managed by a passionate team of ±70 people, with strategic direction provided by the Board of Directors. Ownership of a share/s in this respected Reserve allows you to have fun and leave a conservation legacy without having to deal with the complexities and costs of personally managing your own game Reserve. Owning a share entitles shareholders to visit the reserve whenever they choose, subject to availability, enjoy its facilities (including comfortable lodges on the banks of the Limpopo River) and to get involved in conservation and community projects at their discretion. Shares in the public company that owns the land (freehold title) are priced in US dollars and investors enjoy the benefit of Botswana’s vibrant economy and status as a safe tourist destination, stable democracy and a member of the Commonwealth. Key strengths • Large size – 20 500 ha • 14 km Limpopo River frontage. • Malaria free • Fully fenced, excellent road network, waterholes and viewing hides. • River Camp, with 7 luxury lodges. • Low development and vehicle density. • Remote, yet easily accessible by road and air. • International airstrip • Abundance of wildlife, habitats, historical sites and spectacular scenery. Interesting places on the Reserve: Favourite Sundowner Spot: Lipadi Hill, after which Limpopo-Lipadi was named, is a central feature of the Reserve. The hill towers over the eastern side of the Reserve provide breath-taking views of sunsets, the Phiri Plains, as well as a chance to come across the elusive elephant shrew, rock hyrax or the opportunity to spot elephants from on high. Baobab Trees: Our tree species include more than 150 large baobab, white seringa, leadwood, knobthorn, rock fig, Kalahari apple-leaf, green corkwood, weeping boerbean and mopane, among others. Waterholes: There are many waterholes and it is one of the best places to spot game as well as the leopard and obviously the elephant. There are several hides at different waterholes which gives you have a bird’s eye view of any game that frequents those spots. Middle Plains: The largest plains area nestled under the Lipadi Hill offers a chance to observe large herds of impala, wildebeest, giraffe and zebra from a distance. This also allows the opportunity to camp under one of the two mighty baobabs found in this area. River Camp: Under the shade of the massive trees along the winding bank of the Limpopo River lies the peaceful River Camp. Due to their extremely low visitor density it is possible for a shareholder to experience a true sense of tranquility. The seven secluded lodges that make up River Camp are all isolated and private. With hammocks slung between the trees you can laze in the beautiful African sun and listen to the echoes of a fish eagle’s call and hippos snorting and splashing close by. Crocodiles bask on the rocks and sandbanks along the river and the bird life is spectacular. Occasional larger visitors are seen as bushbuck cross to the islands, impala shelter in the shade and warthogs graze on the lawns. In the drier winter months, you may get lucky enough to see elephants occasionally passing along the river banks. Black Rock: This double humped geological feature offers views of the west of the Reserve, and is a good spot for leopards to hide. The lion family sometimes perches on the top to survey their kingdom, while dassies and double-banded mongoose scurry around as well. CLOSING: A Limpopo Lipadi investment is a Lifestyle investment. A share in Limpopo-Lipadi is also a trade-able investment that should appreciate in value as low-impact, low-density developments in pristine wilderness areas do become increasingly hard to find in southern Africa. Needless to say that Botswana is a lot safer than its neighbor South Africa (land claims, limitation to foreigners’ investments in land and farms etc.) when it comes to such type of upmarket lifestyle investment. Obviously, share appreciation will also come from future expansions that will average the land value to a higher level. Final elimination of the residual debt planned for this year will also certainly improve the company's balance sheet and boost share value. SELLING PRICES Limpopo Lipadi shares were sold during the first phase of development starting at US$ 96,000 in 2006 and averaging US$125,000 per share by 2009. The Current Shares for sale now: GOLD SHARES: US$ 115,000-00 PLATINUM SHARES: US$ 300,000 DIAMOND SHARES: US$ 550,000-00 (the above prices excludes any and all transfer costs, Government Taxes etc) In General Buyers should be aware of recent political developments in Botswana. It is planned to privatize the Botswana Meat Commission and the restrictive game policy is likely to be relaxed. Property ownership in Botswana is very attractive. GENERAL INFORMATION WHEN VISITING BOTSWANA BOTSWANA CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION ENTRY: 1. MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION NATIS PAPERS; 2. INSURERS DOCUMENT OF PERMISSION; 3. FINANCIERS DOCUMENT TO CROSS BORDER. 4. PASSPORTS WITH VALIDITY DATES IN CHECK. 5. BOTSWANA INSURANCE AND ROAD PERMIT Keep in mind that fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, firearms and pets not permitted. (If taken, pre- cooked and sealed). What to take with on your trip (2 day plus trips) 1) Adequate amount of drinking water 40 Litres at least per car if possible; 2) Recovery and tyre mending equipment, tyre gauge and pump; 3) At least 40 l supplement fuel to be filled in Botswana; 4) Enough cash money( preferably Botswana Pulas) as not all filling stations and shops have card facilities; 5) Planned meals for each day or budget for take- away where available; 6) Strong torches and or a spotlight for night drives; 7) Shovel and toilet paper; 8) Maps and GPS; 9) Own drinks; 10) Own drinks ,water, soft and liquor; 11) Personal and emergency medication etc; 12) Satellite phone if available; 13) Camera, binoculars, hats, sunblock, solar chargers if available. 14) Warm clothes in winter; 15) If camping, own bedding, pillows, blankets, towels etc.16)Gas cooker, flask, plates etc. TRAVEL AND VIEWING COST STRUCTURE Due to the immense requests for viewing and visiting farms in Botswana (up to 4 trips for us in a month) and fact-finding missions by South African farmers and foreign investors, we unfortunately had to implement a visitation costing structure as follows: MAUN, KASANE, OKAVANGO AND PANDAMATENGA (3 days) R 11 000-00 PLUS 15% VAT CENTRAL, HAINAVELD, GHANZI (3 days) R 10 000-00 PLUS 15% VAT SANDVELD, FRANCISTOWN (3 days) R 8 900-00 PLUS 15% VAT TULI –LIMPOPO RIVER AREA (1-2 days) R 2 900-00 (1 day) 15% VAT & R 3 600-00 (2 days) PLUS 15% VAT THESE AMOUNTS ARE PAYABLE STRICTLY BEFORE DEPARTURE. THE WHOLE AMOUNT WILL BE PAID BACK TO CLIENTS / VISITORS IF THEY ARE BUYING THE PROPERTY WE VIEWED BUT UNFORTUNATELY, WE WILL NOT REFUND THOSE CLIENTS / VISITORS NOT BUYING. CLIENTS / VISITORS WILL USE THEIR OWN VEHICLES, FUEL, ACCOMMODATION, MEALS ETC. IN ADDITION TO OUR LEVY.

Additional Features
  • Borehole
  • Braai Area
  • Entertainment Area
  • Entrance
  • Mountain View
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Store Room
Property Address

Selibe Phikwe Central, Selibe Phikwe, Central District

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