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142ha Vaalwater

Agent: Andries du Toit. Tel Nr: +27832923833. E-mail:

LOCATION AND SIZE: The farm is situated in the Alma district North of Nylstroom and South of Vaalwater. The farm is 142.9873 ha in size

FENCING AND POWER: The farm is enclosed by electrified fencing and Eskom power points are present.

NATURAL ATTRIBUTES: The farm can best be described as a plains farm but hills(koppie) are present since the farm is surrounded by the majestic Waterberg mountains. The Waterberg mountains form part of the "Bushveld genius complex". The major rock types present on the farm is red sandstone as well as congiomerate. The soils are deep sandy soils but clay soils are also present on the farm.

Two thirds of the farm is covered by trees. The major tree species present being the Wild Seringia, Silver cluster leaf, Boekenhout, Peeling plane and the Monkey Orange. Other trees occurring on the farm include Sugar bush, Transvaal milkplum, Sweet thorn, Wild grape and the Buffalo thorn.

The main grass species present on the farm is Eragrostis curvula and minor species present are Eragrostis racemosa, Themeda triandra, Loudetia simplex, Digitatia ariantha, Melinis repens, Melinis nerviglumis and Tristachya biseriata, other interesting species occurring on the farm is Hypoxis iridifolia, Ledebouria ovatifolia, Boophane distacha

GAME: The game species present on the farm are   Impala 80,     Blesbuck 35,    Zebra 3,  Kudu 20,    Njala 1,    R/H beest 1 and Ostrich 5. Species that are indigenous to the area like grey duiker, warthog and kudu are all indigenous to the area. The new years stock yield has not been incorporated in the numbers and this years game yield looks very promising.

WATER: There are 2 bore holes present on the farm with a strong water flow. Water is used mainly for the water holes, domestic use as well as the irrigation of the garden. There are 3 water holes present and 2 big ponds where feed can also be placed for the game if necessary. There is Sink-dam present on the farm that is used as a water reservoir as well as a swimming pool.

HIDES: The positions of the hides are scattered over the farm and areas with water and feed are used to attract the animals to the hide. There are two types of hides present on the farm namely: a tent hide and a look out hide and wooden hides that are on ground level.

ACCOMMODATION: The lodge that contains 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living and dining area, covered verandah, and a look out deck provides a formal accommodation. There is also 2 luxurious tents with a double bed and 2 single beds, a room at the back that can be used for storage or an extra bed. The 2 tents share a bathroom situated in the middle of the 2 tents. There is also a thatched roof building with tent material as walls that provides extra accommodation. The lodge is fully equipped with beds, linen, cutlery and crockery etc

FACILITIES: Other facilities present on the farm are a storage building, tool shed and a butchers building. There is also 2 water reservoirs equipped with pressure pumps and this water is used for human consumption

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