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2455ha Mossel Bay

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Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +27823533448. E-mail: alternatively

Farm: Private Nature Reserve. The estate was proclaimed a private nature reserve in 1995. It is the largest private nature reserve along the entire South African coastline which is almost 2798 km. This farm is Zoned as  Open Space III (Nature Reserve),

Size:  It extends over 2455 hectares (6066 acres) and stretches 5 km along the Indian Ocean. The reserve is fully fenced along its 15 km perimeter and only accessible via two gated entrances. No land restitution claims are registered against the property.

Water: Ample fresh water resources are available from several boreholes and crisp clear fountains. The Property has more than 5km unspoilt coast line to itself.

Electricity: The main electrical substation (11KV Eskom supply line) is placed out of sight. A ring main feeds electricity to the main centre by underground cable.

Location: This farm is situated along one of the world most breath-taking coastlines - the Garden Route, known as South Africa’s safe haven. It is famed for its scenic beauty and abundant biodiversity. Located halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, the estate is easily accessible via George airport and the N2 (national road). Two world-renown golf courses, namely The Links at Fancourt (George) and Pinnacle Point (Mossel Bay), are within 30-60 minutes drive by car.
Helicopter transfers can easily be arranged to transport you to the property.

Background: This private nature reserve plays a pivotal role in the conservation of the Cape Floral Kingdom; one of the six floral kingdoms of the world. The reserve offers different eco systems consisting of coastal, wetland, fynbos and grassland areas, which are rich in different types of fauna and flora. Botanists have identified plant species on the reserve that are unique to the area and some that can be found nowhere else in the world. Well preserved ancient fish traps and shell middens are situated along the reserve’s coastline and pay testament to our great heritage. The fish traps date back to the Later Stone Age people (Khoi khoi) who roamed the coastline about 2000 years ago. A walk up to the highest point on the reserve (212m above sea level) offers a magnificent view of the entire coastline, the light house and a vast undulating inland landscape.

Wildlife: This nature reserve boasts a spectacular coastline with an abundance of marine life hidden in rock pools on the water line. Here you will also find spectacular marine birds, fish traps used by the
ancient Khoi Khoi as well as well preserved shell middens. Various species of game have been reintroduced to the reserve in the late 90’s. Species include a large herd of Eland (approximately 100) and 14 endangered Cape Mountain Zebra. An expert study regarding the re-introduction of other larger game species, such as buffalo, hippo and rhino, has been commissioned and is available on request.

Nature: Natural wetlands found along the coast line of this private nature reserve are home to many frog species including Hyperolius marmoratus - painted reed frog. With large areas of fynbos in retreat, the Cape Sugar Bird relies on protected reserves such as this reserve for it’s natural habitat and ultimate survival. The nature reserve has been cleared of alien plant infestation and an on-going maintenance program ensures that the vegetation remains pristine and healthy.

Developments: Various improvements of a high standard were constructed on this prestigious portion of land namely: 
• 20 residential houses,
• conference centre,
• admin building,
• pool house,
• 2 tennis courts,
• clubhouse
• 2 large multi-purpose buildings,
• 2 workshops (±500 sqm², ±200m²),
• swimming pool,
• Electrical substations,
• 5,5 km tarred access road and extensive parking,
• Private Chapel,
• Helicopter landing space,
• Lighthouse – This Lighthouse was constructed on the property which is part of the South African National Ports Authority’s network and is an iconic feature on the Western part of the estate. This automatic lighthouse was first commissioned on 4th August 1964 and rebuilt in 2006. It stands 21 metres tall with a rotating light (605.000 candle powers) with a range of 24 sea miles.

Roads and Access: A 5,5 km tar road, which is 9 metres wide and well-constructed which is also to carry heavy loads, leads from the main gate down to the coastline. The reserve has its own slipway which allows launching small and medium-sized boats. Large open areas (tarred and grass) at the main centre provide for comfortable helicopter landing.

Future Prospects: Additional building rights have been granted by the relevant authorities. This opens up the opportunity to re-develop and add further residential houses to this unique, protected coastal property. A total of 50 units are approved for development as per Hessequa Council resolution of 24 March 2009.

Distance to facilities:
• Shopping: Langeberg Mall, Mossel Bay (40 km)
• Private Hospital: Bay View Hospital, Mossel Bay (40 km)
• Private Schools (Primary and Secondary Education): St.Blaize Primary, Mossel Bay (40 km), Glenwood House Primary and Secondary school, George (90 km),
• University: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan, George (100 km)
• Airports: George (70 km), Cape Town International (±380 km)

Distance to surrounding areas:
• Plettenberg Bay, 170 km
• Knysna, 140 km
• George, 70 km
• Mossel Bay, 40 km
• Cape Town, 380 km

Temperature: Mossel Bay (situated 40 km from the reserve) is factually recorded in the Guinness Books of Records as the second mildest climate in the world, after Hawaii. [ Jan max: 23.5°C (min: 18.2°C), Aug max: 18.2°C (min: 11.3°C); annual precipitation: 426 mm ] The water temperature of the sea ranges from 18 to 23 degrees Celsius.

Price: The Selling price of this pristine nature reserve is Price tag
(VAT excluded should it be payable)